Infusionsoft Text Automation

Control campaign sequences with an automated text message

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I have increased productivity with text message automation! This is what makes Social Fuse the best text messaging platform available for Infusionsoft.


Step 1:

Create an automation link inside Social Fuse

There are 2 types of automation links inside Social Fuse
#1: URL redirect – Send the prospect to a website
  • Apply tags when the link is clicked
  • Merge contact data to the end of the URL
  • Automatically creates short URLs to save precious SMS characters (160 max)
Example of Redirect URL:{email.address} –>
#2: Mobile Thank-You Page
  • Apply tags when the link is clicked
  • Send prospect to a basic mobile friendly webpage that can merge data from the Infusionsoft contact record. Pages can have
    • Links to other websites – these links can even apply ANOTHER tag!
    • Merge fields from inside the contact record

Step 2:

Attach your link to any SMS message in Social Fuse

Automation links can be used in:
  • Keyword text ins
  • Any SMS message sent from the campaign builder
SMS automation links offer the same level of automation you get from Infusionsoft emails. Use them to interact with your clients and move them through your sales cycle.

Step 3:

Run campaign automation inside Infusionsoft

SMS automation works great because:
  • Works similar to email link click automation
  • Allows contact data to be added to the end of URLs
  • Applies tags on link
  • Can start or stop sequences
Same great automation you get in an email but with one BIG difference. 97% of text messages are opened and read.
Want to try it out? Text FUSE to 96000 for a live demo.


Track Link Clicks

Track all the links clicked inside your SMS automation links by applying tags. Great to measure engagement.

Campaign Automation

Start and stop campaigns and sequences inside Infusionsoft.

Connects to just about anything

Attach customer information to the end of URLs to link with jut about anything! Great for linking with AppointmentCore, UPS, USPS, FedEx, and much more.


Schedule and confirm appointments via text message automation. Don’t just confirm, but allow your clients to choose their own appointment by syncing with great calendar tools like AppointmentCore.

Shipment tracking

Provide live package tracking links for UPS, USPS and Fedex. Simply attach the tracking number stored inside Infusionsoft to the automation link and the shipment carrier will display the REAL TIME tracking details!

Purchase Pages

Initiate one-click purchases and upsells using Social Fuse automation links in Infusionsoft. Link to purchase pages for a truly easy purchasing experience.
Social Fuse helped us capture leads into our infusionsoft account. I really like the forms in the text messages! Way better than faking a text message conversation. We setup internal text message notifications for my staff which are sent when a prospect requests information. We can now contact them as soon as they request the info.Erik Ymer
Erik YmerRe/Max
I was excited about the Social Fuse when I first saw it, then to have it work seamlessly with Infusionsoft campaigns was fantastic. It strengthens the communications that I have with my customers,  keeping them up to date. Social Fuse staff was very helpful thoughtout the process -- setting it up and answering all of my questions once the process was implemented. This is a must have for anyone that wants to improve their communication with their customers.Jody Gatchell
Jody GatchellA & J Collision Repair
Jake has been awesome to work with. He's an entrepreneur and an Infusionsoft user so he "gets it." The software is powerful. His support and training is fantastic. It integrates nicely with Infusionsoft so even a "non-techie" like me was able to figure it out with his training and support. Text messaging is a powerful tool for speakers, for businesses with great offline marketing to generate online traffic, and 100 other uses. Give Socialfuse a try. You'll be glad you did.
Wes Schaeffer
Wes SchaefferSales Wisperer
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