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Seamless sync with Infusionsoft and GoogleCal

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Using the Social Fuse appointment reminder system I was able to decrease my appointment no-shows by 58% which resulted in more sales each month. – Rob, Rob The House Guy


Step 1:

Set an appointment from an internal or external webform

Appointment triggers work great for :
  • Companies that schedule their own appointments with clients
  • Organizations that need to sync their calendars with GoogleCal and Infusionsoft MyDay
A great solution for companies that book appointments over the phone or in person. For scheduling online, we recommend AppointmentCore.

Step 2:

Send confirmations with appointment link

Social Fuse appointments allow you to:
  • Send appointment confirmations with a text
  • Send a .ICS file so clients can add it to their calender
  • Seamlessly syncs with GoogleCal and Infusionsoft MyDay
  • Trigger appointments up to 5 minutes before / after the appointment
Social Fuse allows you to customize how your appointment data is stored. It will even convert your dates into readable formats, like: May 1st

Step 3:

Remind, automatically

  • Send reminders up to 5 minutes before or after scheduled appointments
  • Store all appointment data inside the contact record. This includes:
    • Date of appointment (date format)
    • Date and time (text format for merging)
    • Calendar link in .ICS format
  • Start or stop calendar events from inside the campaign builder
Without Social Fuse you are unable to send reminders from Infusionsoft immediately before your appointments.
Want to try it out? Text FUSE to 96000 for a live demo.


Social Fuse now syncs with
WOW! I am blown away with Social Fuse and the RESULTS! Social Fuse More than DOUBLED our Opt Ins and 2 days after the event we are already starting to see on line sales from the reminders that people are getting on their phones! Thank YOU Social Fuse for helping us get immediate RESULTS!... Cha-Ching!Angela Rose
Angela RoseThe Laundry Moms
Fantastic App!  Very easy to use and the step by step process in the backend was very helpful.Melody Moore
Melody MooreTraining Business Pros
I've tried a # of Infusionsoft apps and nothing has brought in more revenue than Social Fuse. Not only do they know how to create SMS marketing campaigns, but they ACTUALLY help you do it! I needed some assistance getting my first marketing campaigns "dialed in" and Jake and his support team was awesome at helping me get up to speed and launch my first campaign. This app is worth its fee MANY times over.
Todd Staples
Todd StaplesStrategic Marketing Pros
Jake has been awesome to work with. He's an entrepreneur and an Infusionsoft user so he "gets it." The software is powerful. His support and training is fantastic. It integrates nicely with Infusionsoft so even a "non-techie" like me was able to figure it out with his training and support. Text messaging is a powerful tool for speakers, for businesses with great offline marketing to generate online traffic, and 100 other uses. Give Socialfuse a try. You'll be glad you did.
Wes Schaeffer
Wes SchaefferSales Wisperer
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