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The R.C. Thomas Company was founded in 1994 to help seed companies and agricultural farm suppliers navigate their way through an already fast-changing marketplace.

Today they are the No.1 Seed Sales Training and Consulting firm in North America and have helped scores of companies establish their futures in business.

Website: http://www.rcthomas.com/


RC Thomas needed an easier way to get leads into Infusionsoft from training sessions and large events.

Previous efforts: Directing people to go to the website and fill out a form

Reason for switching to SMS: Loosing leads because they were not captured when the prospect was “in the moment”

Lead Capture

Text in lead capture was used to generate easy leads into Infusionsoft. Keyword “SEED” was created to emphasize their brand and allow prospects to get the information needed. A SociaL Fuse webform was used to send their first name, last name, email, and cell phone (happens automatically) to Infusionsoft.

List Segmentation

A quick survey was linked to the first opt-in form. This survey asked a few questions to help RC Thomas deliver the best content available.
Before Social Fuse: Leads collected durring each event: 12
After Social Fuse: Leads collected durring each event: 74

389% Increase in lead generation