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Products To Profits assists inventors and consumer goods companies with developing consumer products that will readily sell through large mass retailers. Products to Profits smallest engagement fee is $3,500.


Biggest Challenge: When speaking to groups [up to 15 events/month, from 30-700 attendees], the time gap between collecting leads and prospect engagement was too great.   Prospects disengaged due to lag time in follow-up.

Before Social Fuse: Collected leads via paper forms and business cards. Manual data entry took several days and resulted in lower than desired attendance to Amy’s live informational call following events.

Lead Capture

Text in lead capture was used to generate  leads into Infusionsoft. Keyword s were used to instantly engage with buyers.
Results with Social Fuse: Greater engagement, increased appointments, increased informational call attendance, shorter time to sale, greater overall sales conversions. Leads collected via paper methods would yield a 17% conversion to a telephone call with Amy. Leads collected via text-in yield a 50% conversion to telephone call. People who text-in to receive an offer are more likely to initiate a connection on social media and email.
294% increase in conversion to phone calls

294% increase in conversion to phone call